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If you will do just about anything within reason to eliminate the commute, gas and time taken to go to and from a job in order to make a living, the information on this page is for you.

If you are unable to work outside of the home because of physical limitations or because you want or need to be home with your children, the information on this page is for you.

If you need flexibility in your schedule for any reason and the need to mold earning money around your time and life's requirements, this page is also for you.

There are many legitimate jobs you can work from home that allow you to do customer service, tech support and more for real companies who want to eliminate the overhead involved in having employees on the premises.  Many of these companies even provide health and dental benefits.

For many of these types of jobs, you may need to consider the following tools of the trade:

  • DSL, cable or other fast internet connection
  • A reliable Mac or PC computer with at least Windows Vista, Windows 7 or whatever happens to be the latest operating system
  • A good USB headset to communicate with customers
  • A landline phone to receive incoming calls
  • A dictation foot pedal (for transcription jobs)

View Job Listings Here

You'll need to be able to allot a space within your home that you will be free to take incoming calls in an uninterrupted environment.  If you have children, make sure you can have a quiet private area to allow professionalism when speaking with customers or clients.

You will not have to pay money to these companies.  However, it's possible you may have to bear the expense for a background check.  If a background check isn't required, just fill out an application and/or submit your resume to be considered for these positions, and you can even receive paid training provided by the company themselves.

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