Mystery or Secret Shopping Jobs

Mystery or secret shopping jobs are available through companies that have the task of assuring the quality service of other firms and companies.

The job of the quality assurance agent is to go into an establishment or make a phone call to a company and evaluate the service, cleanliness of the establishment and other factors according to the assigned task.  You will usually have to write a report or fill out an evaluation form which you will submit to the company once your mystery shop is completed.

You may not need any special certification to do this kind of work unless you are in a state such as Nevada in which you will need to have a work card that you will acquire through the sheriff's department for a small fee.

On this page, you will find some places to help you get started in performing mystery or secret shopping jobs.

IMPORTANT: Never pay a fee to work with a mystery shopping company!

A Closer Look

A Customer’s Point of View, Inc.

AboutFace Corporation

ACE Mystery Shopping

AIM Field Service

Amusement Advantage, LLC

Ann Michaels & Associates, Ltd.

Anonymous Insights Inc

At Your Service Marketing

Ath Power Consulting Corporation

Athena Research Group, Inc. (Participate in Focus Groups)

Auditor Service

Automotive Insights

Bare Associates International Inc.


Beyond Hello Inc

Big K Mystery Shopping

BMA Mystery Shopping (Phone Evaluations - Telecommute)

Cirrus Marketing Consultants

Confero Inc

Corporate Risk Solutions

Count On Us

Coyle Hospitality Group

Creative Image Associates, Inc.

Cross Financial Group

Customer 1st

Customer Impact

Customer Perception Insights

Customer Perspectives

Customer Service Experts, Inc.

Customer Service Profiles

Data Quest, Ltd.

David Sparks & Associates

Devon Hill Associates

DSG Associates Inc

Ellis Partners in Mystery Shopping (EPMS)

Evaluation Systems for Personnel (ESP) 

Feedback Plus, Inc.

Game Film Consultants

GAPbuster Worldwide

GfK Mystery Shopping

Goodwin and Assoc. Hospitality Services

Guest Check

Hospitality Gem (UK)

HR and Associates

ICC Decision Services

Impact Marketing


Informa Research Services

Insula Research, Inc.

Instant Replays Audio and Video Mystery Shopping

Integrity Consultants (Phone Evaluations - Telecommute)


Ipsos Loyalty


JM Ridgway


Management Consultant Group, LLC

Maritz Research

Market Force

Marketing Systems Unlimited Corp

Marketwise Consulting Group, Inc.

Measure Consumer Perspectives

Melinda Brody & Co.

Mercantile Systems

Michelson & Associates

Mintel International Group Ltd.

Mystery Guest, Inc.

Mystery Shoppers

Mystery Shopping Services

Mystery Shopping Solutions, Inc.

National Shopping Service

National Shopping Service Network

NW Loss Prevention Consultants

Opinions Ltd.

Perception Strategies, Inc.

Person to Person Quality

Personnel Profiles, Inc.

Pinnacle Financial Strategies

Premier Service, Inc.

Promotion Network, Inc.

QSI Specialists

Qualitative Insights

Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers

Quest for Best/Quest Associates Inc.

Reality Check

Remington Evaluations

RQA, Inc.

Second To None Inc

Secret Shopper – Sights on Service

Sensors Quality Management

Sentry Marketing Group, LLC

Service Alliance Inc

Service Evaluation Concepts Inc

Service Excellence Group Inc

Service Impressions

Service Intelligence

Service Performance Group Inc (Telephone and Traditional Mystery Shops Available)

Service Research Corporation

Service Sleuth/Howard Services


Shop’n Chek Inc - Canada

Shop’n Chek Inc - Mexico

Shoppers Critique International LLC (Phone Shops, Focus Groups, Traditional Shops)

Shoppers’ View

Signature Worldwide, Inc.

Sinclair Service Assessments Inc

Six Star Solutions

Spot Check Services (Canada)

Statopex, Inc.

Sutter Performance Group

Texas Shoppers Network Inc

The Performance Edge, Inc.

The Secret Shopper Company

The Shadow Agency Inc.-Newmark


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