Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Why This Site Was Created

I have created this website as a way to gather as many of the legitimate ways to earn money from home or wherever you happen to be using your internet connection as I possibly can.

There are truly many ways to do it, but I find that the key is to focus on something and stick with it.  I know because I have been guilty of that myself.  However, I've found that when I zeroed in on one thing, it had a better chance of paying off for me.

Real Work From Home Jobs

When you click on the page called "Real Work From Home Jobs", you'll find all kinds of jobs that require you to do anything from telephone customer service for legitimate companies to jobs that require you to optimize websites and everything in between.  These jobs are all free to apply for other than the occasional background check, landline for communicating with customers and equipment that may be necessary to do the job, such as a usb headset or dictating equipment.  Look at the job requirements carefully to find out exactly what you'll need to get started.

Internet Marketing

The "Internet Marketing" tab will lead you to systems, software and information to help someone who wants to become an internet marketer succeed online.  I will be bringing the information to you, but please remember that I haven't used all the systems myself.  With that being said, comments from those who have will be very welcome and very helpful to those who are searching.

E-Commerce and Direct Sales

Having a website that sells physical products that you either stock or have dropshipped to your customers is another very lucrative way you can earn a living from home.  I used to have a website through which I sold solar products and herbal supplements.  I have also sold on Ebay as well.  However, as I mentioned earlier, keeping a focus on one aspect of internet marketing can be vital in your success.  Don't let yourself go after every golden carrot dangled in front of you!

Paid Surveys

The "Paid Surveys" tab will lead to you to legitimate paid surveys and focus groups that will actually pay for your participation.  Making money this way is possible, but I have to advise you that you will probably not get rich from doing them.  However, if you have the time, energy and inclination to complete these surveys, you can definitely make yourself some extra spending cash.

Mystery or Secret Shopping Jobs

Many major companies hire other companies which specialize in quality assurance in order to keep all their outlets in check in reference to customer service, condition of the business establishment, etc..  These quality assurance companies, in turn, hire individuals who pose as customers who then report back to them with details about their experience.  This type of work is referred to as "secret shopping" or "mystery shopping". Mystery or secret shoppers provide a valuable service and is a great way to get cash, free food, free trips, free products, etc.


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